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Commercial Construction Loans

Commercial construction loans are construction loans to build projects such as apartment buildings, mixed use/apartment buildings, self-storage facilities, retail office buildings, warehouses light industrial properties, special purpose/unique properties, hotels motels, restaurants, and multi-family housing.

More Expensive Than A Bank / Cheaper Than A Partner

Private Money Fast

All Types of Borrowers

  • Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations, LLCs, Estates Trusts, etc.
  • Multiple borrowers or multiple entities can be combined in a single transaction.
  • Non-FICO driven. Decisions are base on the quality of the collateral.

All Types of Real Estate Considered

  • Industrial, Self Storage, Office, Multi-Family, Strip Malls, etc.
  • Cross-collateralize on multiple properties for maximum loan amounts.
  • Land and Single-Use properties considered with additional collateral

For Any Business Purpose

  • Capitalize on any opportunity.
  • Immediate acquisition of discounted properties.
  • Restructure debt, settle disputes at a discount, buy out partners.
  • Borrow against properties listed for sale.

Portfolio Lenders

  • Creative approaches to "Hard Money" equity lending.
  • No seasoning requirements or cash-out limitations.

Simple Application Process

  • Fax us your executive loan summary or 1003

Fast Answers

  • Fast turnaround on expression of interest.

Setting the Standard for "Hard Money" Equity Loans

Loan Amounts: $300,000 to $10,000,000
Loan to Value: Flexible
Interest Rates: 9.99% to 11.99%
Fees: 2 to 4 points
Loan Term: Up to 5 years
Lien Position: First
Prepayment Penalty: None